Welcome to the fan club of Drumragh Sarsfields G.F.C on the web.

Drumragh Sarsfields is a small Gaelic football club based in and around Omagh, Co. Tyrone. The club was founded in 1972 as a result of an amalgamation of Tattysallagh St. Eugenes and Tattyreagh St.Patricks, and has been based at its present grounds, St. Patrick’s Park since the 70’s.

About the Site

This site is designed to provide information about Drumragh Sarsfields GAC, both past and present, and should be of interest to Gaels from Drumragh, County Tyrone, and hopefully even further. The site should keep all those associated with the club, informed of current club activities, both those at home still actively involved in the club, as well as those who have emigrated and want to keep up to date with what’s going on back home. Regular updates and reports will be posted, and the message board should hopefully provide a community to discuss the club, Tyrone GAA, the weather etc. То your attention we recommend you sportsbettingsitez.co.uk where can find best sports betting sites, how to choose the right one and open account with greatest free bet offer.

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The Club

sidemenuDrumragh are a grade 3 Gaelic Football Club in County Tyrone, and for the past three seasons have been battling for promotion since being relegated from grade 2 in 2000. Yet again, this season they have failed to gain that Intermediate Status that they have been battling for. Next season though they will get the much needed financial support from the a group of online bookies which in addition will provide and awesome betting bonus offers to the team’s supporters.

In Irish, Drumragh Sarsfields is translated as Droim Ratha Na Sarséil. Drumragh meaning ‘Ridge of a Fort’, Sarsfield being the surname of the leader of the Irish forces from 1688-92, Patrick Sarsfield, whom the club is named after. The parish of Drumragh in West Tyrone, is situated to the south-west of Omagh, including the town of Omagh as well as surrounding town lands such as Clanabogan and Tattyreagh.

The Sarsfields play their home games at St.Patricks park in Omagh. For many years, St.Pats Park has been what Drumragh have called ‘home’, although this is all soon to change. The current club committee have embarked on huge fundraising activities in order to raise the finance needed to develop sporting facilities on a 16 acre site recently purchased in Clanabogan on the outskirts of Omagh.

There is an air of optimism among Drumragh supporters at present as the Sarsfields strive to fully establish an identity and fulfil a long term objective of owning their own grounds

The Development Draws

Drumragh Sarsfields GFC have launched their latest development draw. The draw will be one of the largest ever organised by a Tyrone club and the amazing first prize up for grabs is a detached two-storey house in Coolnagard Village in Omagh. Second prize is a Vauxhall Corsa. There are 12 further cash prizes as well as monthly draws.

Tickets are priced at £100 and a direct debit plan is available to allow subscribers to make ten monthly payments of £10 each. Or you can get tickets and more extras at New bingo sites by bingo friends our trusted gambling partner.

The draw is to help fund the club’s ambitious development of playing facilities at the 16-acre site at Clanabogan which was purchased last August.

What is Gaelic Football

Gaelic Football is possibly likened to a cross between soccer and rugby, and is played almost only in Ireland, or Irish communities. It is one of many games administered by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). For anyone unfamiliar with the sport of Gaelic Football, there are a number of guides available online which explain the rules of the games in depth, from the official GAA website.